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WorldPolitics is a subreddit that was dedicated to politics around the world, but was primarily focused on U.S. politics.

The subreddit was handed to IAmAnAnonymousCoward, who has held an anti-authority approach to the subreddit.

On May 8th, 2020, the subreddit was overrun with angry users and is now an anarchy subreddit.

WorldPolitics Moderation Controversy[]

The subreddit in recent times was dedicated to world politics. However, many users were unhappy with the moderators taking no action against "upvote if" posts.

A vocal minority of users decided that if the mods weren't going to remove what they perceived to b blatantly rulebreaking posts, everything was fair game. In the first few hours, it originally started from pictures of vegetables, but then switched to pornography, the mods decreed that their subreddit had no rules and everyone posted whatever they wanted, excluding materials against reddit TOS.

A post was made GoneWild garnering even more posts. The sub was later flooded with pictures of anime girls, resulting in the subreddit r/anime_titties being set up in protest as a place to discuss actual world politics.

The mods later announced that posters are limited to one post per hour and that people shouldn't post anything that would get the sub banned or quarantined, but the banner was then switched to a large pair of breasts.